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Zeroing in the Benelli LUPO for Deer Hunting

Jenny Anderson | May 2, 2022

As a newer hunter, I’m still figuring out what hunting gear is right for me. The first couple times I went deer hunting, I used my husband’s 30-.06, which has more recoil and weight than I’d like. But it did help me harvest my first deer. Now for the first time, I’m hunting with my own rifle. In fact, I’m sighting in a rifle for the first time – the Benelli LUPO Bolt-Action 30-.06 (MSRP $1699) paired with a Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 3-12x42 BDC scope (MSRP $359.99) and the BOG Death Grip tripod (MSRP $279.99).

I’ll admit, the idea of sighting in a rifle sounded intimidating. But I was surprised at how straightforward and easy it was to zero in my Benelli LUPO.

My shooting range is a long field with a berm on our property. I set up a blanket on the ground about 25 yards away from my target. I put on some eye protection, my ear protection muffs, set up the BOG Death Grip tripod in a prone position and securely mounted the LUPO to the tripod. I used a laser boresight to get the rifle and scope roughly sighted in. Once I felt ready, I put a round in the chamber, placed the crosshairs on the bullseye and took a shot. It landed on the paper! Just a few more adjustments to the Crimson Trace Brushline Pro scope and I had nearly all my rounds by the bullseye. All in all, it took about 15 minutes to get everything sighted in.

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