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Progressive Comfort Logo

The Progressive Comfort recoil-reduction system is an unobtrusive, lightweight and simple system. It's able to self-adjust for maximum recoil reduction related to the power of the load used because it has three sets of interlocking leaves, or fingers, with different levels of elasticity. This system is out of sight inside a wooden stock to better maintain a traditional look.

Progressive Comfort Stock

By cutting away the outside of the stock, you can see the polymer system which includes 3 sets of fingers or leaves. These 3 sets of fingers each have a different elasticity, and the load used determines which sets of fingers are utilized for maximum recoil reduction. The first set of fingers is very flexible for light loads, the second set a bit stiffer for field loads, and the third set is optimized for heavy magnum loads.

Ethos Progressive Comfort Technology illustration in 4 steps from rest through completion
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