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By Alan Clemons | October 26, 2021

Shooting schools offer great instruction in controlled settings, and if you want to help customers prepare for their long-awaited mule deer or elk hunt, or make a foray into long-range shooting, you need to understand the game.

We’re talking about true long-range targets to 1,000 yards and long shots at big game in the mountains. Or perhaps even a long shot in the Southeast, which may be 400 yards but instead of sitting in a shooting house near a patch of brassicas it’s stretching across a cotton or bean field at a wary old buck. 

Attending shooting schools led by professional instructors can give insight on different weapons and scenarios that can help you relate to customers. Plus, these events help you network, allow you talk with consumers and other retailers, and improve your shooting skills. They're fun and they’ll help your business.

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