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Gear Up! November 2022

November 29, 2022
Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Drake Motorized Duck Decoy

The Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Drake Motorized Duck Decoy with Remote brings incredible realism to your spread. Building off a foundation of lifelike details and coloration with durable no-flake paint, this Avian-X decoy features wings that spin 360° to perfectly mimic a landing duck. Full spin keeps the wings spinning continuously, while intermittent mode cycles between spinning for 5 seconds and powered off for 3 seconds. The spinning wings operate in the most difficult conditions, including winds up to 30 mph, delivering wing-spinning duck foolery for about 8-12 hours thanks to an included lithium-ion battery. An external charging port makes recharging a breeze, while compatibility with a standard 6V lead-acid battery means you can keep the wings turning if you forget to charge the battery the night before a hunt. The included remote control works from up to 60' away, while an included heavy-duty motion stake makes it easy to set up the PowerFlight decoy in shallow water or in the weeds.

Flambeau Master Series Super Magnum Mallard

Introduced in 1984 as waterfowling’s modern 20" big-water block, soon favored for its visibility through thick timber canopies, and then preferred for commanding attention on swollen river oxbows, the original Super Magnum's famed reputation is as epic as its proportions. Large but lightweight, atypical in size but realistic in form, the legacy durability and historical effectiveness remains unchanged for today's waterfowler. Set your spread apart with the added horsepower of the original Super Magnum Mallard.

MOJO Coot Confidence Decoys

With hunting pressure and reverse migrations, let’s face it, ducks are wary nowadays. Your spread needs something to tell the ducks, "its OK to land here." What’s the best condence decoy EVER? – Coots. If there is anything they don’t like, coots swim away. They are rarely alone and are located in abundant numbers mostly anywhere there are ducks, adding to the perception of safety. They are also easy for approaching ducks to see. The MOJO® Coot Confidence Decoy Pack provides realistic tools for the hunter with 4 static decoys and 2 Rippler decoys to appear as 6 coots. The decoys say, “it's safe, come on in.” Includes 2 of MOJO®’s very popular Duck Commander®-Approved Rippler coot decoys, to provide life-like motion.

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