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Gear Up! April 2023

April 5, 2023
M2 Performance Shop Turkey

The Benelli Performance Shop Turkey Edition shotguns are the ultimate turkey guns with Performance Shop enhancements by Rob Roberts, world renowned for shot pattern development. A Burris® FastFire II™ sight is fitted to each gun, which is then pattern tested with Federal Premium Ammunition. Computer printouts are provided to show actual points-of-impact in 10-, 20-, and 30-inch circles. Benelli Turkey Edition shotguns are fitted with a ComforTech® stock to reduce felt recoil by 48%, aid fast follow-up shots and diminish flinches when shooting heavy loads. Available in 20-gauge only and shoots 2¾- and 3-inch shells. 

Fiocchi Golden Turkey TSS

Dense patterns, deep penetration, and long-range performance combine for the ultimate tungsten turkey hunting load. Fiocchi’s Golden Turkey TSS brings performance head and neck above the rest. Three-inch offerings in 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge and 410 bore deliver hard-hitting knockdown power using the finest 18 g/cc tungsten shot and most consistent patterns on the market.


The Fiocchi product development team has developed a true, high-grade load proven effective against the toughest of birds. Avid turkey hunters know the Fiocchi Golden Turkey TSS difference.

Rob Roberts Raptor Series Turkey choke

The Raptor Series Turkey Choke is designed to simplify what you need for turkey hunting due to utilizing a single constriction based off of each individual model. This choke is the ideal option when using TSS or lead. It also works great with any length of barrel. This choke features green Cerakote as well as machined claw marks for extra grip. The Raptor Choke Series uses new technology to deliver a hotter core pattern at distances that are sure to impress.

Woodhaven Walnut Real Hen

If you like the sounds of an old hen, then the walnut Real Hen is for you. This box call is great for deep raspy yelps, as well as cutts and cackles that are unmatched for realism. Features a one piece walnut trough style box with a matched Brazilian cherry lid.

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