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ComforTech 3 Logo

ComforTech™ was the first recoil-reduction system of its kind. By splitting the stock diagonally and utilizing shock-absorbing chevrons the entire stock was transformed into a recoil pad. This Chevron system, now 13 years old, is still the most efficient design available and was the basis for the Super Black Eagle 3 stock. The chevron size and location has been optimized on Comfort Tech 3. Further, Benelli engineers created a new cheek comb pad called Combtech, which greatly reduces facial impact and vibrations.

The inside of the ComforTech 3 stock has been redesigned as well. This new rigid stock-mounting system reduces rotational and lateral movement while still retaining recoil-reduction properties.

ComforTech 3 advancements focus on recoil reduction in both the shoulder and, equally important, the face.

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