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Benelli Revolutionizes Rust and Corrosion Protection with BE.S.T. Finish Technology

Jordan | January 19, 2020

ACCOKEEK, Md. (January 21, 2020) After 10 years of research and testing, Benelli solved the number one issue with waterfowl shotguns – rust and corrosion. The revolutionary Benelli Surface Treatment (BE.S.T.) prevents rust, corrosion and abrasions. The proprietary BE.S.T. finish bonds molecularly to the barrel, barrel extension and select internal components to create an impenetrable armor that stops rust and corrosion while providing superior abrasion resistance. The treatment is so effective, Benelli provides a 25-year warranty on BE.S.T.-treated parts.  


To apply the BE.S.T. finish, Benelli developed a hybrid PVD/PECVD machine that uses diamond-like carbon particles applied with a high-vacuum plasma nanotechnology. Benelli can apply the finish at low temperatures, protecting the mechanical integrity of the steel. The process is environmentally friendly and produces no hazardous chemical by-product while delivering a layer of high-hardness for superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. The insides of the barrels are chrome-lined for additional protection.  


Benelli torture tested an assortment of barrels with different finishes to see how each compared to the BE.S.T. treatment. A blued barrel was subjected to four hours in a salt fog test (ASTM B117), resulting in rust accumulation over the entire barrel. The barrel coated with the BE.S.T. treatment underwent 200 hours in the same conditions with no signs of rust or corrosion. In fact, BE.S.T-treated barrels have been exposed to saltwater for more than three consecutive months with no sign of rust or corrosion. To test for abrasion resistance, Benelli subjected competitive barrels along with a barrel treated with BE.S.T. to rounds of abuse on a steel brush wheel (IL 279). The competitive barrels showed partial to complete removal of the finish while the BE.S.T. treated barrel only experienced polishing. 


With hunters continuing to push the boundaries of inclement weather and harsher environments, Benelli now offers select models of the Super Black Eagle 3 and ETHOS shotguns with BE.S.T-treated barrels and components. Both shotguns are renowned for superior handling, durability and recoil reduction and now will require much less maintenance with unprecedented durability. The Super Black Eagle 3 BE.S.T. is available in 26- and 28-inch, 12-gauge configurations. The ETHOS is also available in 12 gauge with 26- and 28-inch barrels.    


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