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The Grind -Waterfowl TV

Pro Staff Hunter

The Grind is a show about the traditional and heritage rich sport of waterfowl hunting.

Meet the members of "The Grind"

Ricky Hart with The Grind
Ricky Hart
Bill Willroth
Tim Noe
Meet The Benelli Pros

Benelli: How long have you been a Benelli ambassador and what does it mean to you to be associated with Benelli?

Ricky: 5 years, Benelli is a leader when it comes to waterfowl shotguns and to have a relationship with their team along with the ability to promote their brand is a humbling experience.

Benelli: How long have you been hunting or shooting and what got you into this sport?

Ricky: 36 years I have been in the sport of waterfowl, my dad started taking me on hunts when I was 5 and started pulling the trigger at the legal age of 12 in Michigan.

Benelli: If you could only have one Benelli firearm, what would it be and why?

Ricky: Benelli BEST Ethos Cordoba, it feels much like a traditional SBE 1 or 2 but has the upgraded feel with the carbon fiber rib and unmatched durability with the BEST treatment.

Benelli: What is your career highlight or achievement?

Ricky: Outside of becoming a father to (2) wonderful girls, it would be working for Lucky Duck as a Sales Manger for the past 9 years along side our owners to help foster growth, build a quality team, and expand products into other categories such as pet and predator hunting.

Benelli: Rapid-fire:

Physical Strength or Mental Strength? Mental

Time travel: into the past or into the future? Past

Cannonball into a pool or dip toe in first? Ehhhh Jackknife

Sleep in or Nap? Sleep

Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? Chuck

Pineapple Pizza or Candy Corn? Pineapple Pizza

Ketchup or Ranch? Ranch

Funny story or one-liner? One-liner

Air guitar or air drums? Air Drums

Apple or Android? Apple

Loud neighbors or Nosey neighbors? Loud

Beer or Bourbon? Bourbon

Benelli: What are the three least-likely words that someone would use to describe you?

Ricky: Quiet, Type B, misleading

Benelli: How is your radio tuned? Country, Rock, Rap, Oldies? Any guilty pleasures?

Ricky: Country, Master P is a part of my throwback jams

Benelli: What is your favorite Holiday and why?

Ricky: Fourth of July, my daughter and I share the same birthday, July 2nd, so we cook out and enjoy the warmer weather.

Benelli: What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

Ricky: Major League, humor mixed with my favorite sport, baseball

Benelli: What is one subject you would like to learn more about?

Ricky: Emotional intelligence

Benelli: Show us your phone background and tell us why you picked this image?

Ricky: My family, they help me drive to be a better person, work hard on a daily basis, and because I travel a lot it’s a quick visual escape.

Benelli: What is a weird or interesting fact you know?

Ricky: Walnut syrup is better than maple syrup


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