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Ted Wells

Social Ambassador

Ted is a full-time photographer based in Bozeman, Montana. He’s known for his breathtaking waterfowl photographs. Ted is also an avid hunter with a passion for waterfowling, and is a devoted father to Seeley and Everett, ages 6 and 3 respectively. A strong supporter of shooting sports, Ted says, “If given the choice to shoot the gun or the camera, I’ll choose the gun every time.”

Ted Wells Shotgun Shouldered
Meet the Benelli Pros

Benelli: How long have you been a Benelli ambassador and what does it mean to you to be associated with Benelli? 

Ted: 4th year! I’ve always been a “Benelli Guy”, so it means the world to be able to directly support a brand and people I am so passionate about! 


Benelli: How long have you been hunting or shooting and what got you into this sport? 

Ted: I pulled the trigger on a shotgun for the first time when I was 12, so this will be my 24th season hunting Waterfowl! Everything gets better with age, so I’d say that certainly applies in both Benelli shotguns and myself :) 


Benelli: If you could only have one Benelli firearm, what would it be and why? 

Ted: My O.G. SBE 2 I bought in 2005 - wouldn’t trade it for the world! 


Benelli: What is your career highlight or achievement? 

Ted: Balancing successful business and being a very present and involved husband/father to my wife and three kids. 


Benelli: What is your favorite hobby, other than hunting or shooting? 

Ted: Golf! 


Benelli: Who was the childhood idol that led you into the hunting or shooting industry? 

Ted: Not necessarily a single person, but sure enjoyed the shows on TV on weekend mornings after hunting myself. 


Benelli: What advice would you give youth who want to be professional hunters or shooters? 

Ted: Redefine the term “professional” for yourself - what does that truly mean to you? That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to know who you are - move the needle. 


Benelli: Tell us about a moment that you feel was a positive turning point in getting into the hunting/shooting industry? 

Ted: Making the jump to full-time content work, and being able to meet/work with a wide range of great folks in the industry. 


Benelli: If you could hunt or shoot with one person, who would it be and why? 

Ted: Anyone old-school that does it the right way and LOVES it to their core. 


Benelli: What goals do you have as a hunting or shooting ambassador?

Ted: Involve the next generation as much as possible - our kids are our only chance to keep this going. 


Benelli: If you had to switch professions from hunting or shooting, what would it be and why?

Ted: I’d play golf all the time. Haha  


Benelli: Coldest / most miserable place you’ve ever been while hunting? Was it “successful” though? 

Ted: We’ve been known to have some gnarly late season weather in Montana - I recall the coldest I’ve seen on the truck thermometer was -37F.  The colder, the better! We’re always successful in one way or the other. 


Benelli: What was your first firearm and how did you get it? Do you still have it? 

Ted: Remington 870 Express Youth 20 gauge - I do! 


Benelli: What is your favorite wild-game dish? 

Ted: Elk. Anything Elk. 



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