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Kerry Wix

Social Ambassador

Kerry grew up in Tennessee 40 miles north of Nashville. There he was introduced to hunting and fishing by his father and grandfather at an early age. Deer and ducks were the primary game they pursued. There weren’t many turkeys in the area when Kerry was a boy, but he became fascinated with the birds while watching tapes and TV shows featuring turkey hunts. He says he’ll never forget the first time he heard a gobbler in the woods one morning and eventually bagged his first wild turkey at the age of 14 all by himself. It was an experience that hooked him on turkey hunting for life and inspired him to study the birds and perfect his calling techniques. 

Kerry says he’s blessed to have been able to make a living in the outdoor industry as a photographer and videographer over the last 17 years. The experience has allowed him to work with some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry, including some of the people he idolized as a boy. His work has appeared in venerated outdoor publications such as Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. 

While Kerry still enjoys deer and waterfowl hunting, the turkey season is what he looks forward to most. When he’s not hunting in the woods with his trusted Benelli, he’s taking shots with his camera and lenses. 


Kerry Wix
Meet the Benelli Pros

Benelli: How long have you been hunting or shooting and what got you into this sport?

Kerry: 28 Years

Benelli: What is your favorite hobby, other than hunting or shooting?

Kerry: Photography, it’s not only how I make majority of my living but it’s my escape to go and do when I’m not doing anything else at all.  

Benelli: What advice would you give those who want to be professional hunters or shooters?

Kerry: First find what it is you’re most passionate about, become great at that one passion and learn everything you can about it, set goals and achieve each one at a time, most importantly to make all of that to happen; keep God first because without him and your faith in his timing, none of it will happen. The wants and the desires we have for anything in life, is proof from God its already ours but we have to have faith in him to receive it on his timing. That’s how you grow as a human being, so we can one day go back and teach someone else. 

Benelli: If you could hunt or shoot with one person, who would it be and why?

Kerry: I’m actually getting this opportunity this year and that’s to go turkey hunting with Mr. George Mayfield. A lot of people don’t know George Mayfield but will soon once his story is told in the book he is writing. 

Benelli: Rapid-fire:  

  1. Physical Strength or Mental Strength? Mental 
  2. Time travel: into the past or into the future? Past 
  3. Cannonball into a pool or dip toe in first? Cannonball 
  4. Sleep in or Nap? Nap 
  5. Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? Chuck Norris, kicks to much ass while rocking a mullet. 
  6. Pineapple Pizza or Candy Corn? Pass 
  7. Ketchup or Ranch? Ranch 
  8. Funny story or one-liner? One-Liner’s 
  9. Air guitar or air drums? Drums 
  10. Apple or Android? Apple 
  11. Loud neighbors or Nosey neighbors? Loud neighbors 
  12. Beer or Bourbon? Whiskey, Preferably from Tennessee 

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