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Westin Bryant

Social Ambassador

Westin's story is one of passion for the great outdoors. He spent his formative years on a sprawling 1,500-acre farm near Knoxville, Tennessee, where he developed a love for hunting deer and turkeys. At the young age of 13, he began turkey hunting, a pastime that has remained close to his heart to this day. It was only ten years ago that he turned his attention to waterfowl hunting, and it has since become one of his greatest passions.

 Westin's love for the outdoors isn't limited to hunting, though. His keen eye for photography has led him on many adventures across America, chasing turkeys and ducks through some of the most breathtaking landscapes our country has to offer. When he's not behind the camera, he's making memories in the outdoors with his two little boys, passing on the values that he holds dear. Westin's favorite shotguns are the Benelli SBE3 and Benelli M2 20-gauge, both of which have served him well in his pursuits.

Westin Bryant
Meet the Benelli Pros

Benelli: How long have you been a Benelli ambassador and what does it mean to you to be associated with Benelli?

Westin: I’ve had the honor of representing Benelli since 2019/2020 seasons! Some days I just back in disbelief honestly I’ve shot Benellis for basically my entire life and to be associated with just a prestigious brand is probably one of my greatest honors in my outdoor career. 

Benelli: How long have you been hunting or shooting and what got you into this sport?

Westin: my old man and papaw was toting me around the woods from about the time I could walk but I got into turkey hunting and waterfowl hunting which are my true passions through friends in early high school 

Benelli: If you could only have one Benelli firearm, what would it be and why?

Westin: without a doubt my SBE3 20ga, I’ve toted that gun all over the country from turkeys ducks geese doves pheasants etc it’s a do it all gun! 

Benelli: What is your career highlight or achievement?

Westin: honestly being an Ambassador for Benelli. We have such an Elite group of the industries best and to have my name in same conversations as people I’ve always looked up is special. 

Benelli: What is your favorite hobby, other than hunting or shooting?

Westin: I love shooting content. Photography it’s how I’ve made my living in the outdoor industry besides that I don’t really have any hobbies outside of hunting but when we ain’t hunting I just love going on adventures with my two boys and just seeing them happy we are always into something fun. 

Benelli: Who was the childhood idol that led you into the hunting or shooting industry?

Westin: wouldn’t say I had a childhood idol but I definitely have someone who looked up to and got me intrigued in shooting photos in the hunting industry. A creator named Nick Sherrod his local to my area in East Tennessee and seeing his work inspired me to get into shooting photos and videos as well 

Benelli: If you could hunt or shoot with one person, who would it be and why?

Westin: that’s a hard one probably Toxey haas Cuz Strickland and Will Primos they are the ones I really have to credit for getting me into turkey hunting by watching there videos growing up 

Benelli: Coldest / most miserable place you’ve ever been while hunting? Was it “successful” though?

Westin: I’ve never been in any real crazy situations but I would have to say my Kansas hunting trip in 2021 the weather showed 40-60 degrees everyday so I packed for that and on day 3 a snow storm came out of nowhere and snowed 6 inches temps dropped into the 18-23 range and I was nowhere near prepared for that. Was definitely the coldest I’ve ever been turkey hunting. 

 Benelli: Rapid-fire:

a. Physical Strength or Mental Strength? 

Mental Strength

b. Time travel: into the past or into the future? 


c. Cannonball into a pool or dip toe in first? 

Cannonball of course 

d. Sleep in or Nap? 

Sleep in I can’t nap 

e. Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? 


f. Pineapple Pizza or Candy Corn? 

Candy corn 

g. Ketchup or Ranch? 


h. Funny story or one-liner?

Funny story 

i. Air guitar or air drums?


j. Apple or Android?


k. Loud neighbors or Nosey neighbors?

I live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors sooo can’t answer that probably nosey 

l. Beer or Bourbon?

Bourbon for sure 

Benelli: What is your favorite Holiday and why? 

Westin: Christmas for sure I love celebrating Jesus birthday and giving gift and seeing my friends and family members happy 

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