Ron Schara

Pro Staff Hunter

Ron Schara’s story proves dreams really do come true. Back in 1995, Ron, an outdoor beat writer for the Minneapolis Tribune newspaper, thought his love of outdoor story telling could be turned into television success. Inspired by news programs such as “20/20” and “60 minutes,” Ron brainstormed an outdoor adventure program and got to work. The title? “Minnesota Bound.” The star of the show? A six-month-old black lab named Raven. Ron’s way with words instantly touched the lives of all who watched, and the “Minnesota Bound” story was born.

As “Minnesota Bound” grew in popularity, so did Ron and Raven. His success led to more opportunities in television, radio and newspapers. There was even an annual Ron Schara calendar. He formed Ron Schara Productions and the company found itself creating outdoor television programs for channels such as ESPN, The Versus Network, The Outdoor Channel, The History Channel, and most recently, The Fox Sports Network. 

As a writer and television personality, Ron Schara has been sharing the great outdoor experience with readers and viewers for more than four decades. He’s a story teller who often relays the wonders of nature through the lives of others. Over the seasons, Ron’s stories have been enjoyed by millions of outdoor enthusiasts who share his passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

Viewers can catch Ron’s stories via several of the country’s most popular outdoor television programs including “Minnesota Bound” on NBC, “Backroads with Ron & Raven” and “Due North Outdoors” on the Fox Sports Network, and “The Flush” on The Outdoor Channel. Ron also hosts the “Outdoors Live” weekly radio program on 830 WCCO-AM in Minneapolis.