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Outdoor Solutions

Pro Staff Hunter

Our journey in the outdoor industry started in 2003 with an outdoor destination franchise company based out of Kansas. We had originally purchased the franchise as an opportunity to fund our outdoor habit and travel to some new destinations.  By 2005 our franchise earned the titles of Rookie of the Year and Franchise of the year, first time this had been done in the company’s history!

Through our dedication of customer service we were able to grow our customer base of repeat clients that allowed us to go fulltime in the hunting and fishing industry by 2006.  We continued to grow our business under the franchise model until 2012, when we went out on our own and partnered with the NRA to create NRA Outdoors as an NRA Affinity Partner.  We have been very grateful for the past 6 years we spent being part of the NRA and even though we have ventured back out on our own under the Outdoor Solutions brand, we continue to support the NRA in their efforts to defend our Second Amendment.

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Meet the Benelli Pros

Benelli: Tell us about a moment that you feel was a positive turning point in getting into the hunting/shooting industry?

Greg: This will sound crazy but when the Jeep crashed into our house, it took our life in a completely different direction.  I lost a job I didn’t care for, I was gone Monday through Friday, away from my wife and kids. Because of loosing my job and the injuries I sustained it took almost 2 years to recover. My wife and I were able to build our business during that time.

Benelli: If you could hunt or shoot with one person, who would it be and why? 

Greg: I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with the Legendary Tom Knapp and with Tim Bradley, which was a very cool experience but my favorite hunt is any hunt I get to do with my son, Eddie.

Benelli: What goals do you have as a hunting or shooting ambassador?

Greg: Thanks to MSM and anti-hunters, Many people not as familiar with what hunting is really about have a negative image of hunters. Through our From Field To Table program we’ve been able to shed the true light on hunters. We are family friendly, respect the animals we hunt and welcome anyone that wants to see what hunters are really like.

Benelli: If you had to switch professions from hunting or shooting, what would it be and why? 

Greg: I could not imagine doing anything else.  I am living my dream job and have been given the opportunity to make a living with something I am very passionate about.  Besides, I’ve been doing this for 18 years now, I probably wouldn’t qualify to do anything else.

Benelli: Coldest / most miserable place you’ve ever been while hunting? Was it “successful” though?

Greg: Oh man, I would have to say, BC in February for wolf. Temps were in the minus 30’s, we don’t get anything close to that in Oklahoma. It was successful in the adventure aspect but I did not get my wolf.

Benelli: What was your first firearm and how did you get it? Do you still have it?

Greg: Other than a Red Rider BB gun, my first one was a single shot 20ga shotgun handed down to me from my dad, which was given to him by his dad.  It has sense been passed along to my son Eddie.  We haven’t shot it since I was a kid chasing rabbits with my miniature dachshund on our ranch.

Benelli: What is your favorite wild-game dish?

Greg: This is a tough one, there are so many. I love a beer braised bear (say that 3 times fast) roast, but one of my most memorable dishes that we created was an elk burger, topped with black bear pastrami and a sauce we concocted

Benelli: What’s your favorite T.V. show and why? What show did you like as a kid? 

Greg: We don’t watch to much TV now but as a kid I loved Andy Griffith Show, Beverly Hillbillies and Gilligan’s Island. My dad and I also loved to watch BaBa Black Sheep, and Gun Smoke

Benelli: What is your favorite food?

Greg: Elk, Axis, Moose and Bear

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