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Ashlynne Thomas

3-Gun Shooter

My name is Ashlynne Thomas. I am a 15 year old competitive shooter participating in 3-gun competitions, steel challenge, and USPSA. I started shooting at the age of 9 when I got my first gun Remington 597, .22 long rifle.


The first day at the range I knew there was something about shooting that made me happy. Oct 2016 I attended the Texas Fire Arms Festival and was able to try and shoot different guns from rifles to hand guns and had a lot of fun. On our way out we stopped and talked to a company named Battle Rifle Company and they let me shoot their AR-15 and I hit 8 out of 10 shots from 250 yards with iron sights. I was really happy with myself and excited because my parents bought me one of their guns and Battle Rifle in returned became my first sponsor.


A month later I started shooting a rugger 22/45 lite pistol and started doing steel matches. It was a lot of fun but I knew that I wanted to do more so I started shooting 2-gun competitions and loved it. I got my first 12 gauge shot gun about a month ago and have already done two 3-gun matches.  I loved it and am hooked on 3-gun competition and will be doing it along time as long as I can keep my grades up. Besides loving to shoot my AR-15, my 12-gauge shotgun and my friends 9 mm, (till I receive my glock 17), I am also a published poet and love to read and write as well.


Ashylnne Thomas

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