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24.7 Hunt

Pro Staff Hunter

24.7Hunt is about building community through the outdoors with an urban influence. For us the goal is to make the outdoors interesting for people wanting to dive into the sport while keeping the young generations attention. Bringing new energy and a new approach helps spread the love of all things outdoors. We just want to do our part in our own way to keep outside open for all people for generations to come. Ducks are our thing, but we enjoy all aspects of hunting and the outdoors. It’s a blessing to be apart of the Benelli family.


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Meet the Benelli Pros -Ricky Nicholas

My name is Ricky Nicholas Jr. and I'm a proud father of three awesome children - Kamden, Korlen, and Karter. I've been serving in the Louisiana Army National Guard for 21 years now and I joined after the tragic events of 9/11. I'm happily married to my lovely wife Hillary Nicholas and we have a cute Black Lab named Kane.

Aside from my military career and family life, I've been an avid hunter since 1988. I'm also passionate about the outdoors and started a youth outdoor organization in 2014 to help the younger generation appreciate nature and wildlife. I was born on May 22, 1984, and I'm a firm believer in God.

When it comes to music, I have a soft spot for Duck Music. My favorite color is Olive Green, which I find to be very calming and relaxing. All in all, I'm just a regular guy who loves spending time with his family, serving his country, and enjoying the simple things in life.

 Benelli: How long have you been a Benelli ambassador and what does it mean to you to be associated with


Ricky: This upcoming season will be my 3rd year as a Benelli Ambassador! It still feels surreal! I

can’t even say that it was a dream of mine because this was never something that I ever considered


 Benelli: How long have you been hunting or shooting and what got you into this sport?

Ricky: I went on my first hunt when I was 4 years old. My dad was always pretty wired up about hunting. We would watch Tom Knapp videos and then top out and try some of the shots that he would make.

Benelli: If you could only have one Benelli firearm, what would it be and why?

Ricky: If I had to narrow it down to1 Benelli firearm, it would be the Benelli Ethos Cordoba 20 gauge! This is THAT Benelli that will get

passed down to my sons! With the right ammo combo- its the lightest, deadliest, smoothest

shooting shotgun in the lineup!

 Benelli: What is your career highlight or achievement?

Ricky: I’ve been fortunate enough to achieve many amazing things in the military, but, becoming a part of the Sitka, Benelli, GatorTail and 24.7 Hunt family has brought me the most joy and the proudest of moments.

 Benelli: What is your favorite hobby, other than hunting or shooting?

Ricky: That’s an easy one! ANYTHING with my little boys. We love to watch movies, play sports, video games, cook, ride 4 wheelers and boats.

Benelli: Who was the childhood idol that led you into the hunting or shooting industry?

Ricky: My dad has always been who I looked up to the most in the hunting/shooting world. He was a volunteer for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Youth Hunters Association. He would do anything that he could to create

opportunities for me in the outdoors.

Benelli: What advice would you give youth who want to be professional hunters or shooters?

Ricky: Find a mentor! There’s always someone in the family, at your parents job, or a friend of a friend’s dad.

Connect with them and express interest. Attend outdoor expos and become a member of Delta

Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited and/or NRA. Once you finally make it to a field or range, fall in love with

it. If you don’t become really good with a shotgun, become really good with a camera!




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