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The Vinci SpeedBolt® features all the attributes that tactical shooters seek—superior balance, light weight, reduced recoil, and minimal muzzle climb.Benelli’s Vinci SpeedBolt® incorporates a bolt inset with tungsten, which has been designed not only for faster cycling, but also for handling loads as light as one ounce. Less recoil means less muzzle climb.

The Vinci SpeedBolt® utilizes the QuadraFit™ buttstock, which is essentially a custom-fitted stock straight from the factory. This innovative design allows for easy adjustment of drop, cast, comb height, and length of pull. It also incorporates ComforTech® Plus, which effectively cushions recoil for quicker recovery and fast follow-up shots.

For tactical competition shooting, less recoil and muzzle climb means getting on target quicker, shot after shot. Quick and effective follow-up shots are critical for hitting multiple targets faster, and can shave fractions of a second off a score and provide the winning edge every competitor desires.

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