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ComforTech® Plus

ComforTech® Plus is a complete recoil reduction system. It delivers better results than any other recoil reduction product available. ComforTech® Plus keeps you comfortable and on target, without adding weight.

ComforTech® Plus reduces recoil and muzzle climb.

  • No added weight or moving parts
  • Complete recoil reduction at all three stages: firing, rearward bolt travel, and forward bolt travel
  • Recoil is managed by the shock-absorbing chevrons, the comb pad, and the contoured recoil pad

ComforTech® Plus optimizes the revolutionary ComforTech® system.

The Vinci shotgun’s ComforTech® Plus recoil reduction system combines what many thought impossible: a lightweight and soft kicking shotgun.

Benelli engineers developed specialized machinery to measure and graph recoil. Here, the recoil of a Benelli Super Black Eagle is plotted along with an SBE II with ComforTech®. You can see a dramatic recoil reduction with ComforTech® at all 3 stages of recoil: firing, rearward bolt travel, and forward bolt travel.

ComforTech® Plus Recoil Pad

The pad reduces felt recoil in 2 ways:

  1. The contoured shape distributes the recoil force over a larger area.
  2. The material spreads the recoil force out over a longer period of time.

ComforTech® Plus Comb Pad

The pad cushions the cheek during recoil, and provides a slick surface that allows your cheek to slide along the comb during recoil. This eliminates frictional resistance and insulates your face from shock and vibration.

The stock is divided by 24 synthetic, recoil-absorbing chevrons. The chevrons are arranged diagonally from the heel of the buttstock to a point just behind the pistol-grip. The stock is designed so the exterior shell flexes outward to further dampen recoil. Together with the ComforTech® Plus recoil pad, this design spreads the peak force of recoil over a longer period of time. It reduces felt recoil better than any competitor’s claim.

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