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In-Line Inertia Driven® System

The In-Line Inertia Driven® system is the strongest, cleanest, most reliable firearm operating system.

The In-Line Inertia Driven® system features a shorter bolt with a rotating bolt head. It operates simply and efficiently on a single axis. This innovative design provides…

Reduced recoil, so there’s less muzzle climb—for fast follow-up shots
Shotgun modularity not possible in traditional designs
Fast and easy assembly and disassembly
The In-Line Inertia Driven® system is the best operating system ever devised. That’s because it’s…


  • Never needs adjusting
  • Cycles consistently and reliably, year after year
  • Handles anything from light field loads to 3-1/2-inch magnums


  • Only 3 primary parts: bolt body, inertia spring, and rotating bolt head


  • Gas, smoke and burnt powder stay in the barrel
  • Residue isn’t channeled into the gun’s mechanism
  • Stays cleaner than gas systems


  • Rotating bolt head has strong, steel locking lugs
  • Lugs lock the bolt head steel-to-steel into the barrel
  • Locks even tighter during firing


  • Smaller mass of parts
  • Faster than other operating systems

Low Maintenance

  • Cleaner than gas-system guns
  • Gun cleaning takes less time


  • Allows Benelli semi-auto shotguns to be among the world’s lightest

Perfectly Balanced

  • Shotgun balances like a fine game gun should
  • No heavy gas cylinder, springs or action bar linkage under the forend

Part of Practical Speed Performance

The In-Line Inertia Driven® system is 1 of 3 technologies Benelli engineers combined to perfect the fastest shotguns in the world. Together, these technologies create Practical Speed Performance (PSP). PSP gives you the ability to shoot, recover quickly, and shoot again, faster.

Based on the Proven Inertia Driven® System

The In-Line Inertia Driven® system is based on the original Inertia Driven® system. There are Inertia Driven® Benelli shotguns that have fired 500,000+ rounds and still function perfectly.

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