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Dave Owens

Social Ambassador

Dave Owens was born and raised in the foothills of northwest Georgia. From day one he's been a passionate outdoorsman, with one species holding an especially important place in Dave's heart - the wild turkey. As part of the ultimate DIY adventure, Dave has harvested wild turkeys in all 49 states they inhabit - a U.S. Slam. In the midst of his hunting travels, Dave also won the 2018 Grand National Calling Championship - competitive turkey calling's biggest contest. His admiration for wild turkeys led him to start a YouTube channel and lifestyle brand called Pinhoti Project, to showcase a more simplistic way of hunting. His hunting and point-of-view filming style takes the emphasis off the kill and shifts it to the journey of getting there. A journey that is easily obtainable for everyone, achieved through effort, not fortune. Most importantly, the Pinhoti Project’s focus remains on the magnificence of the wild turkey, as it should.


Dave Owens

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