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828U Sport is based on the revolutionary 828U with its patented and innovative steel locking plate, streamlined receiver, and 40-position adjustability. Now made with additional features specifically for target shooting.

Benelli Weighted System Image

Progressive Balancing

A balanced shotgun is essential for consistent performance. Benelli engineers created an innovative system using a combination of small weights in the buttstock. Simply adding or removing these weights changes the center of balance fore and aft, allowing the shooter to balance the 828U Sport to their preferred shooting style.

Benelli Steel Receiver Image

Steel Receiver

Benelli engineers paired the internal Steel Locking System with a steel receiver. The additional weight in the center of the gun creates a system that is well-balanced and stable and helps reduce felt recoil during the thousands of shots fired with a target gun.

Steel Locking System
Steel Locking System

Patented Steel Locking System

Benelli's patented steel locking system eliminates wear and tear on the receiver and hinge that cause traditional O/U's to fail. The heart of Benelli's Steel Locking System is a solid steel breech block that locks directly to the monoblock, containing all pressure from the shotshell and preventing its transfer to the receiver and hinge pins.

Integrated Sight Channel

Integrated Sight Channel

A wide carbon-fiber rib on the 828U Sport features an integrated sight channel that guides your eye to the front white bead for consistent and precise alignment along the sight plane.

Extended Chokes

Extended Chokes

Each 828U Sport comes with a choke wrench and 5 extended nickel/red Crio® chokes in C, IC, M, IM, F.

Custom Fit Stock

Create A Custom-Fit-Stock

It is well known that a correct gun fit results in more accurate shots on target. Included in the 828U Sport shim system are 5 drop and 4 cast shims, creating up to 40 possible stock positions. The kit makes it easier for the 828U Sport shooter to easily adjust to find a proper alignment and fit without the added time and expense of stock modifications.

Moveable Trigger

Moveable Trigger

The 828U Sport's trigger can be moved forward or backward so your finger sits exactly where you want. Customize it to your finger length.

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