Meet the 828U™

AA-Grade Satin Walnut, Engraved Nickel

AA-Grade Satin Walnut, Black Anodized

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Benelli's Patented Steel Locking System

Benelli's patented Steel Locking System eliminates wear and tear on the receiver and hinge that cause traditional over/unders to fail.

Incorporating this newly-designed steel locking system into an aluminum receiver creates a stronger, safer and lighter over/under that maintains perfect balance at 6.5 pounds.

By locking the solid steel breech block to the rear of the barrel, all shot pressure is contained in the barrels—preventing any stress being transferred to the receiver and hinge pins.

opening lever auto recocking image

Opening Lever Auto Recocking

The 828U triggers reset when the top lever is unlocked instead of by opening the barrels on a traditional over/under—creating a smoother, more consistent opening action.

In addition, the ejector system in the 828U is all contained in the barrel. This design allows for a stronger, more streamlined receiver by eliminating the need for linkages between the trigger group and the forend.

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The first over/under that allows you to create a custom-fit stock

Correct gun fit results in more shots on target. The 828U comes with 5 drop and 4 cast shims, allowing you to adjust to one of 40 possible stock positions.

The shim system allows the 828U shooter to find a proper alignment and fit without the time and expense of stock modifications.

progressive comfort system image progressive comfort system compressed image

Benelli’s Progressive Comfort System

The Progressive Comfort System is contained within the 828U walnut stock (shown in the cutaway images here).

The flexible and lightweight polymer buffers compress to absorb recoil energy.

The heavier the shot load, the more buffers come into play to help absorb and cushion the recoil.

experience the 828u play buttonexperience the 828u play button
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Making any changes to a classic design is always tricky business. Benelli, however, has done an excellent job in blending the old with the new and creating a 12-gauge field gun that is as pleasant to carry as it is to shoot.”

Doug Painter, Sporting Classics

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Nobody does style like the Italians, and this is a fascinating gun.”

Skip Knowles, Guns & Ammo

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The gun has a distinctive Benelli look and the hallmarks of light weight and innovative design.”

Phil Bourjaily, SHOT Business

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