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3-Gun Pro Taran Butler

Taran Butler won a bowling pin match in 1994 at a local indoor range in the Los Angeles Valley area with a borrowed Glock-24. In January 1995 Butler went to the Southwest Pistol League in Piru, California and finished 7th overall out of 118 shooters. Butler was immediately hooked on competition shooting and went from unclassified to Grandmaster status in 14 months, making him the sport’s first-ever Glock Grandmaster shooter. During those months Butler shot every match he could, which included the NORCO known for its intense “run-and-gun” shooting style. In 1996 Butler shot his first major match, the “Linea De Fuego Alpine Area 2 Championship” where he won the Limited Division. Over the years Butler has shot beside greats like Jerry Barnhart, Rob Leatham and Todd Jarrett. "I came to realize that it was not about how fast you pulled the trigger, but more about your target-to-target transitions and shooting accurately, which was the wake-up-call that helped me reach my goal to be a successful competition shooter." Taran Butler currently lives in California.